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Our Guiding Values

Our values guide how we work together—how we invent, build, collaborate and grow.

Twelve was founded on three core beliefs: the future is fossil- free, it takes everybody to get there, and despite the challenge ahead, we can do this. These beliefs are the foundation of our mission to eliminate global emissions and transition to a fossil-free world, and our values guide how we work together to get there.

🦺 Safety

Be thoughtful about execution, experience, and physical and psychological well-being.

🚀 Velocity

Work with intentional speed towards the mission.

🖇️ Collaboration

Multiply impact through empowering others and seeking partnership.

📖 Transparency

Default to openness. Communicate intentionally to enable collaboration. Ask for what you need.

🔁 Iteration

Innovate through experimentation. All outcomes are learnings.


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