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Useful products made from CO2, water & renewable energy

Our technology transforms CO2 into hydrocarbons, the building blocks for essential products like materials to fuels, through CO2 electrolysis. The electrochemical production of hydrocarbons means we can make thousands of products from CO2 that today are made from fossil fuels. 

The Shiny Black Leaf (MEA)

A Novel Catalyst for CO2 Reduction

At the core of our technology is the Membrane Electrode Assembly (MEA), a shiny black leaf that transforms CO2 into essential feedstocks. We developed a highly efficient novel CO2-reducing catalyst that electrifies CO2 and water, producing only oxygen, synthesis gas (also known as syngas: combination of CO + H2), and water as outputs.

Opus™ Carbon Transformation Technology by Twelve

The Stack

Carbon Transformation Powerhouse

If the MEA is our shiny black leaf, The Stack is the branch with more CO2 transforming power. Electrical current runs through the stack to split CO2 into the building blocks for Electrochemicals. The stack scales modularly.

Built for Global Impact

Scaling our technology is critical to eliminating industrial emissions and reducing the trillion tons of CO2 in the atmosphere. It's modular, highly scalable and integrates seamlessly into existing supply chains. We're building our first AirPlant™ at Moses Lake, Washington.


Industrial-Scale Electrolyzer

Opus is our industrial-scale carbon transformation platform. Opus is the full closed-unit carbon transformation system that can plug into industrial systems, using CO2 from point of emissions or from direct air capture. At scale, Opus can transform existing supply chains to eliminate up to 10% of global industrial emissions in hard to abate sectors.


The CO2-to-Products Plant

AirPlant™ is like a carbon transformation forest. Instead of oxygen, it produces E-Jet®, Twelve's Power-to-Liquids sustainable aviation fuel, and E-Naphtha™, the building block for CO2Made® materials. Twelve's AirPlant facilities are powered by renewable energy, our Opus™ modules, and human ingenuity. AirPlant is coming soon to Moses Lake, WA.

Opus™ Carbon Transformation Technology by Twelve
Opus Prototype for Carbon Transformation by Twelve
Opus™ Carbon Transformation Technology by Twelve
AirPlant™ industrial-scale carbon transformation plant
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