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The future is fossil-free, thanks to this shiny black leaf that transforms CO2 into essential feedstocks.


our technology works like industrial photosynthesis 

Our technology is a new breed of electrochemical reactor that works like industrial photosynthesis. Just like a plant uses CO2, water and sunlight to make useful carbon-based products, Opus uses CO2, water and renewable energy to make chemicals, materials and fuels that today are made from refining fossil fuels. 

a novel catalyst that electrifies CO2, transforming into critical chemicals

At the heart of our technology is a highly efficient novel CO2-reducing catalyst that electrifies CO2 and water, producing only oxygen and water as outputs. 

a modular system built
for indus
trial scale

Just like a solar array, our carbon transformation™ technology is a modular system that can scale to any need. Our carbon transformation™ devices are engineered to seamlessly integrate into existing industrial systems.

designed to integrate into existing supply chains


Our system of reactors are designed to "plug-n-play" into existing industrial systems, using CO2 either from the point of emissions or from direct air capture. With Opus™, we can eliminate up to 10% of global emissions by transforming existing supply chains from running on fossil fuels to running on CO2. 

coming soon: Opus™​

Opus™ is our industrial-scale carbon transformation™ platform designed to handle the demands of the world's biggest brands, coming 2023. Now working with select partners. Stay tuned.

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