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the element of change is in the air

The climate era is a time for bold action. We are a team of scientists, engineers and problem solvers on a mission to fundamentally shift the way the world addresses climate change and lead the transition to a fossil free future with our carbon transformation technology. 

Twelve, formerly known as Opus 12, was born from breakthrough discoveries by Dr. Etosha Cave and Dr. Kendra Kuhl at the world-renowned Jaramillo Group at Stanford University, a recognized world leader in CO2 electrocatalysis. There, they developed our carbon transformation technology. In 2015, Dr. Cave and Dr. Kuhl were ready to take their fundamental discoveries from the lab and translate them into a commercial solution to revolutionize the way we reduce emissions by making the world's most critical chemicals from CO2 instead of fossil fuels. They co-founded Twelve with fellow Stanford graduate and clean tech entrepreneur, Nicholas Flanders.

Today, we are a growing team of electrochemists, material scientists, and engineers with cutting-edge expertise in the field of CO2 electrocatalysis and electrochemical reactor design, scouted from the best programs in the world. We partner with industry leaders to implement our carbon transformation technology at scale. With our own purpose-built R&D facilities and access to the world-class resources of Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, we have the tools and partnerships to scale our solution.


the future is



We are on a mission to build a fossil-free future and, reinvent what it means to be a chemical company in the climate era. Our carbon transformation technology is the keystone of a circular, non-extractive, fossil-free chemical and energy system of the future. 


it takes everybody



We need every available technology and approach to address the needs of the climate era. Twelve's technology is a critical part of eliminating industrial emissions and helping to reduce the trillion tons of CO2 in the atmosphere.


we can do this



Despite the audacity of the challenge and the path ahead, we are determined and we have the technology to transform our world from the inside out.

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