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the element of change is in the air

Twelve is a science and engineering company We are the carbon transformation company, a deep tech company founded on the beliefs that the future is fossil-free, it takes everybody to get there, and despite the challenges, we can do this. We are a team of scientists, engineers, and problem-solvers on a mission to eliminate global emissions, create a circular carbon economy, and build a fossil-free future through the science of carbon transformation and electrochemistry. 

Founder Manifesto >

the future is fossil-free

A fossil-free future doesn't just happen—it has to be invented. We're creating new technologies and teams that have never existed before in order to get there.

it takes everybody

We need every available technology and approach to address the needs of the climate era. Twelve's technology is a critical part of eliminating industrial emissions and helping to reduce the trillion tons of CO2 in the atmosphere. 

Meet our team and read their stories > 

we can do this

Despite the audacity of the challenge and the path ahead, we are determined and we have the technology to transform our world from the inside out.

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Twelve Climate Investors
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