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be the element of change


Reinventing what it means to be a chemical company in the climate era is no small task. It takes all ideas, perspectives and backgrounds to lead us to a fossil-free future.

At Twelve, we combine multiple scientific, engineering and operational disciplines to take our technology from the original science to an industrial solution that puts a dent in climate change. It takes everybody and more to create an entirely new industry based on a technology that has never existed before.

we invent

Our core technology, the membrane electrode assembly (MEA). We combine polymer-electrolyte membranes with novel nanoscale catalysts to enable a highly efficient electrochemical CO2 conversion reaction.


  • Chemistry

  • Nanomaterials

  • Polymer chemistry

  • Materials science

  • Electrochemistry

we build

Scaling production of our core technology (the MEA) and integrating these components into modular, scalable reactor hardware to create carbon transformation devices.


  • Hardware engineering

  • Software engineering

  • Stack engineering

  • Prototyping

  • Automation

  • Manufacturing and production

  • Coating

we deploy

We partner with the world’s biggest brands and integrate our carbon transformation devices into global supply chains to address CO2 emissions at scale.

  • Process engineering

  • Chemical engineering

  • Facilities operations

  • Project management

  • Business development

  • Project finance


prototyping engineer

I know my work here at Twelve will make a positive, global-scale impact. I come to work knowing that I contribute to an important and meaningful mission -- all while having fun with a really awesome team.

Zoe square_edited_edited.jpg

join our mission to build a fossil-free future

No single person could invent our technology. It integrates novel catalysts, materials and hardware in ways without precedent, and as a result our team combines multiple scientific and engineering disciplines for the first time.


Our team culture is collaborative and transparent by necessity and by design: we are a learning machine pioneering an entirely new industry. Our doors are open to the very best talent from all backgrounds, and we’d love to hear from you as we expand our team.


we are industrializing photosynthesis at global scale


Nature is our teacher. We're industrializing photosynthesis on a global scale, learning from nature in order to save it. It is an incredibly complex and rewarding engineering challenge.

Dr. Kendra Kuhl 
co-founder, CTO


we are turning back the clock on climate change


Our work at Twelve to reduce CO2 is the closest thing we can do to turn back the clock on climate change. Through the development of our breakthrough technology, we can improve lives and the health of our planet.

Dr. Etosha Cave 
co-founder, CSO


we are building teams that haven't existed before

We’re building teams that have never existed before, and we’re creating a culture that is open and diverse in other ways as well. It takes all kinds of perspectives and life experiences to do what we’re trying to do.

Nicholas Flanders
co-founder, CEO

join a team that partners with global leaders in climate tech

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