how do we electrify aviation?
electrify the fuel


The aviation industry consumes 100 billion gallons of fossil fuels and emits one billion tons of CO2 every year. It’s time to electrify air travel. The path to electrification is twofold: we can electrify the planes, but they can only handle flights up to three hours. Longer flights need a higher density energy source than batteries can provide today. So what can we do?


Electrify the fuel. Introducing E-Jet®, our carbon-neutral, fossil-free jet fuel made from electrified CO2.


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100% of the carbon in this fuel is sourced from CO2

twelve x air force
carbon neutral jet fuel with
90% lower lifecycle emissions

fuel for the long haul
made from electrified CO


E-Jet is made with our carbon transformation technology, a new electrochemical reactor and proprietary catalyst that electrifies CO2 and water, which creates synthesis gas, CO + H2, which we then refine into carbon neutral jet fuel.


E-Jet is drop-in ready and certified, with the same quality and performance, but has over 90% lower lifecycle emissions. That's because we source the carbon in our fuel from the air, not the ground—and, because it has fewer contaminants than petroleum-based fuels, it burns cleaner.

In summer 2021, the US Air Force tested and qualified our E-Jet product.