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The Carbon Transformation Imperative

Carbon transformation is a critical strategy for decarbonizing industry, eliminating global emissions and transitioning to a fossil-free future.

What is Carbon transformation? It’s turning CO2 into products

Carbon Transformation means using CO2 to displace fossil fuels as the feedstock for chemicals, materials and fuels. 

At Twelve we do this with Opus™, our electrochemical technology that converts CO2, water and renewable energy into hydrocarbons with only water and oxygen as outputs. With this process we can make the same chemicals, materials and fuels from CO2 that are conventionally made from fossil fuels. 

Carbon transformation goes beyond capture, storage, utilization or off-setting

Rather than capturing CO2 and storing it in the ground, or utilizing it for industrial purposes such as enhanced oil recovery, or off-setting, carbon transformation is fundamentally different because it transforms CO2 at the molecular level to make new useful products that are currently made from fossil fuels.

Carbon transformation goes beyond carbon capture, storage and utilization by turning CO2 into new feedstocks for thousands of products that are conventionally made from fossil fuels, like chemicals, materials and fuels.

Feedstocks from air not oil: Electrochemicals™ not petrochemicals

Hydrocarbons are the building blocks for chemicals, materials and fuels that make up the global supply chain. With Twelve’s technology we can now make hydrocarbons from CO2, water and renewable energy, ushering in a paradigm shift for how we make things.

Carbon transformation is supply chain transformation

Carbon transformation means replacing the fossil-based products and fuels in supply chains with CO2-based products and fuels.

Carbon Transformation is made possible with Opus™

Opus is our industrial-scale CO2 electrolyzer that works like photosynthesis. It uses water and renewable energy to turn CO2 into hydrocarbons, feedstocks for essential products that today are made from refining fossil fuels. Opus is highly modular and integrates seamlessly into existing supply chains.


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