twelve carbon transformation CO2Made chemical company

for a climate
positive world

we're the carbon transformation company

We're Twelve, a new kind of chemical company built for the climate era. Our breakthrough technology eliminates emissions by turning CO2  into essential products. We call it carbon transformation.


Reinventing what it means to be a chemical company, we're on a mission to create a climate positive world and a fossil free future.


changing carbon
changes everything

Carbon isn’t just the building block of life, it’s the building block of the chemicals, materials and fuels that make up our modern world and power innovation. From the spring in our running shoes to our favorite electronics, to building materials, electric car parts and fuels, carbon makes it possible. The problem is we get this carbon today from fossil fuels in the form of petrochemicals, which creates CO2 emissions and accelerates climate change.


Carbon transformation fundamentally changes this paradigm by sourcing carbon from CO2 instead of fossil fuels. By replacing the fossil carbon in critical chemicals with renewable carbon from CO2, we can eliminate emissions from thousands of essential products and set a new standard for how things get made in the climate era.



we use CO2


and renewable energy

to make things from air not oil



a world of things made from air

zero fossil fuels
zero new emissions
zero trade-offs

100% fewer emissions for tide

carbon negative performance for mercedes-benz

jet fuel made from air for
the air force

tools, fuels and fresh air on mars for nasa


carbon transformation is the new business 


Carbon transformation for brands means we replace the petrochemicals in products and supply chains with our CO2Made© materials and fuels, immediately reducing emissions without compromise to quality and performance.


We're helping the world's biggest brands meet climate goals faster by making the switch to CO2Made. Together, we can make CO2Made the new normal, because every product should be a climate conscious one.  


membrane curled.png

Just as plants use CO2, water and the sun’s energy to create carbon-based products, we’ve invented a device that replicates photosynthesis at industrial scale and warp speed, turning CO2 into critical chemicals, materials and fuels.


meet O12
the shiny black leaf that eats carbon


a novel  catalyst that splits CO2


Our technology combines a new class of CO2-reducing catalysts with a novel device that splits CO2 with just water and renewable electricity as inputs.

built for industrial scale


Our technology connects to any source of emissions, is completely modular and integrates seamlessly into existing industrial systems at any scale. 

at the heart of a fossil free future


We can reduce the carbon footprint of the world’s heaviest emitters, and eliminate the need for fossil fuels by making critical chemicals and fuels from what today is discarded as industrial waste.

37,000 trees in a suitcase


At scale, our technology has the same CO2-reducing power as 120 billion trees—it's like fitting 37,000 trees in a suitcase.


carbon negative


Carbon negative materials that sequester up to three tons of CO2 for every one ton of product made.

10% of global emissions


Our technology can address up to 10% of total global emissions and up to 50% of difficult to decarbonize industrial emissions.

the future is
made from
air not oil


Carbon transformation is the new business imperative for the climate era. We can help your business meet your carbon neutrality goals faster in a direct, permanent way that is positive to your bottom line. Don't offset. Eliminate emissions with carbon transformation.