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we are the carbon transformation™ company 


We make the world's most critical chemicals, materials and fuels from air with our revolutionary carbon transformation™ technology.


We're reinventing what it means to be a chemical company in the climate era, on a mission to eliminate global emissions and build a fossil-free future. 

we make essential products from air

Carbon-based compounds are the foundation of our modern world. They give your favorite running shoes their spring, they also give them their carbon footprint. The problem is, we get this carbon today from fossil fuels in the form of petrochemicals. We don’t need fossil fuels to supply essential carbon products, we can extract them from CO2.

We make chemicals, materials and fuels with our proprietary CO2Made® carbon transformation technology that replicates photosynthesis at industrial scale. Just like a plant in nature, it transforms CO2 into useful products with just water and renewable energy as inputs, and producing only water and oxygen as outputs. We are building a future with no fossil fuels, no new emissions, no trade-offs. We can make thousands of chemicals and fuel products from air that today are made from oil


Just like a plant uses CO2, water and sunlight to make useful carbon-based products, our technology is an electrochemical reactor that uses CO2, water and renewable energy to make thousands of chemicals, materials and fuels that today are made by refining fossil fuels. 

twelve breaks ground at moses lake on the world's first E-Jet® plant

our carbon transformation™ technology eliminates the need for fossil fuels in supply chains


We are implementing our technology with the world’s biggest brands to replace the petrochemicals in their products and supply chains with CO2Made® chemicals, materials and fuels, eliminating emissions from thousands of everyday products and accelerating the path to carbon zero.



fossil fuels

CO2Made® products have zero fossil fuels, zero new emissions and zero trade-offs in quality and performance. 

be the element of change

We're on a mission to eliminate global emissions and lead the transformation to a fossil free future. Today, our technology is enabling companies to eliminate emissions across their supply chains and operations. In the future, carbon transformation will sit at the heart of a fossil free, circular, electrified chemical and energy system of the future. Reinventing what it means to be a chemical company in the climate era is no small task, and we're building an extraordinary team of talent that's never existed before. If you're ready roll up your sleeves with a diverse, world class team in an innovative and supportive environment to make a positive, measurable impact on climate, Twelve is the place for you.


ready to make a gigaton-scale impact?

build a fossil-free future with us

We're on a mission to build a fossil-free future with our carbon transformation technology sitting at the heart of an electrified chemical and energy system of the future, where our world is powered by and built with fuels and materials made from air, not oil. To get there, we are working with brands and industrial partners to implement our technology at scale and eliminate emissions from global manufacturing supply chains. 

Twelve Breaks Ground on E-Jet® Plant at Moses Lake, WA 

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