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carbon reincarnated


world's first CO2Made® lenses

Pangaia Glasses Stacked.jpeg

chemistry x culture™

We partnered with Pangaia's newly launched Pangaia Lab to create the world's first sunglasses with CO2Made® lenses. CO2Made® technology replaces the fossil carbon in your lenses with carbon from CO2. Our technology transforms CO2 into everyday products, including your favorite shades. This means we can replace fossil fuels as the building block for everyday materials, with carbon negative materials made from CO2 instead. The final material is molecularly identical to high-performance polycarbonate, so there are no tradeoffs in quality but serious benefits in carbon footprint.


We believe in the power of chemistry x culture to reinvent our world, so we partner with brands like Pangaia that share our vision for a new climate consciousness and a fossil free future.

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